Reiki Treatments & Courses,  Homeopathy & Theta Healing in Melbourne 


5b051665f6c06a62a1252991b430ccdcMaybe you have landed on this website because you are feeling as though you have lost sight of who you are. What the bigger picture is.

Perhaps you feel stuck from moving forward?

It could be that you are feeling unwell physically, or are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions or stress?

I believe that health and wellbeing comes from a state of being in balance with ones own body. I truly believe that when we get sick or have symptoms, it is our body’s way of communicating with us that something is out of balance.

You are so special and so unique because all of your life experiences have made you who you are today.

Healing from within is a journey, a process, a learning experience. With each step you take on this path you move further into alignment with who you are, and how you are meant to live your life.

It is my passion and life’s purpose to support others in their journey to achieving optimal health and hope that I can help you in taking your first steps towards empowering your life.