Reiki Courses in Melbourne

Learning Reiki is a true gift. It helps you to find a sense of balance and perspective, and allows you to remain centred and grounded even during life’s challenges.

Its’ gentle healing energy can be used to flow into all areas of our lives helping us to deepen our self awareness, guiding us to develop on all levels and reach our true potential.

Reiki is a supportive, non-intrusive system of healing and is available to anyone who desires to work with it. Reiki attunements help one to open to the natural healing abilities that are inherent in every person, and can enhance those who already work as therapists in any field.

I have 14 years experience of practising Usui Reiki and 10 years of teaching and have worked with many other amazing Masters and teachers during this time.

I teach regular Reiki Courses in Melbourne as a small group or one to one Reiki courses. My courses range from beginners (Level 1) to advanced (level 2 and Master Teacher). 

I am a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui system of healing. 

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