Reiki Master Teacher & Healer

495b7cdb0ed6958f35644dd88f158299The decision to become an Reiki Master Healer, or Reiki Master Teacher should be taken with an awareness that it requires discipline and dedication to ones own spiritual growth and self development. It is a commitment which will inevitably change your life and if you decide to teach others then you will also be guiding others on their spiritual path.

Once attuned to the Master Level you will have a much stronger connection to the Reiki energy, which will highten your connection to your own inner wisdom, or higher self. This brings with it an enhanced sense of compassion and understanding about yourself and other people, and a deeper awareness of the ego. It will take you on a journey which will at times challenge you, but which can also be divinely fulfilling in so many ways.

To become a Reiki Master Teacher is to become the embodiment of Reiki: of light, love, healing and balance. It becomes the very essence of who you are.

“In the end, we must consider that a Reiki Master is not one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has allowed Reiki to master them.” ~ William Lee Rand

 To find out more about learning Reiki Master Healer or Teacher, please contact me for further dates.

Venue: Melbourne, Victoria