Our beliefs, thoughts and feelings shape our reality and while positive ones serve us well, unhealthy ones can hold us back from reaching our true potential. Life experiences and influences from our upbringing and society at large can sometimes cause our core beliefs to become distorted and inaccurate. And yet, they impact the way we think, feel and behave, robbing us of our strength and vitality. This is when Theta Healing ® can help.

Theta Healing ® works at a deep level to reprogram the subconscious, releasing self-limiting beliefs and unproductive emotions, and replacing them with positive empowering ones. If you’re feeling spiritually, emotionally or creatively challenged, Theta Healing ® can help you step into your power and regain your sense of confidence and ease.

Sunset over the sea. Shot taken in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad. Image toned in pastel colors. Camera: Canon 5d mk III

What happens during your Theta Healing ® session?

Theta Healing works on the understanding that there is a higher consciousness. With your expressed permission, we start your session sensitively exploring the areas you wish to focus on. These may be specific blocks, emotions, challenges, or just certain things in your life you’d like to change. Muscle testing can help find areas of weakness and answers from your subconscious mind.

During the session, I work at the same Theta level of neurological activity experienced during deep relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis. In this state, I tap into the highest universal intelligence to facilitate your healing. Some people feel their energy change and lift during treatment. Others feel a growing sense of confidence and ease as they realise as the days pass, that they’ve released beliefs that held them back.

How Can Theta Healing ® help you?

  • Spiritually

    Theta Healing ® can positively enrich your spiritual journey by supporting your spiritual growth in many directions including enhancing your intuition, and your connection to your higher self.

  • Emotionally

    Theta Healing ® can help you release negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and depression that are not serving you, and replace them with empowering positive beliefs and emotions.

  • Creativity

    Theta Healing ® clears blocks and obstacles that are stopping you from expressing your creativity, thus enhancing all areas of creative expression.

  • Self-confidence and Esteem

    Theta Healing ® will help you with problems such as low self-esteem by finding the root cause and instantly replacing it with positive feelings, confidence and the ability to shine again.